Some of my projects - An altenative bookmark manager for Google Chrome, integrates with Github Gist

Newsfreak - A newsreader I built when learning about React and Redux. Integrates with NewsAPI

Transmit - A project I worked on in college. Preserved with it's orginal spaghetti code, awful practices, and other things college me thought was a good idea

dotfiles - My dotfiles

param-tool - A tool to assist developers working with webapps that take in lots of URL query paramaters.

CopyBin - My first paid app on Google Play. Lets you store spippets to quickly copy/paste into other apps/websites.

github-language-labels - CSS resources for Github Language Labels.

roll-your-gopher - A primer on creating Gopherspaces

draftjs-utils - Tool to help developers working with DraftJS.

Find more of my projects on my Github Page!